Obeo Agility

Industrialize your redesign and migration projects

Application modernization

Industrialize your redesign and migration projects

Obeo Agility allows you to set up analysis and source code transformation factories.

With these factories you can understand and evaluate the quality of legacy software and automatically migrate some parts of your applications to new development standards or new languages.

Obeo Agility principles


The power and flexibility of a model-based approach

This technology is underpinned by two key principles:

  • An environment conducive to configuring, in record time, source code analysis and transformation rules for the purposes of adapting them to the context of each project.
  • The use of models that are specifically adapted to manage the complexity of the applications and transform them successfully.

Obeo Agility provides an extremely detailed representation of the source code in the form of models. From these models, it is then possible to automatically generate metrics, documentation, mappings and source code in a new language.



Obeo's added value

Obeo Agility is the only tool enabling complete control of translation rules, source code analyzers and scale-up to assets covering millions of lines of code. You can validate our approach on a trial project in just a few days.

Case Studies

Software migration of 4.5 million lines of code

Following the SUN announcement of the shutdown of the UDS-Forte platform, Obeo developped a solution to migrate the DGFiP business layer application to the Java technology.

All the delivery milestones and quality requirements have been met: the Java code generated fully meets the target architecture for optimum maintenance, and the number of manual adjustments made was less than 4.10-4 (fewer than 4 per 10,000 lines of code).

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