Obeo is an independent software provider founded in 2005, and established in France and Canada. We develop open-source technologies that make it possible to create visual and collaborative modeling solutions. With these, our customers elaborate tomorrow's products, services and organizations: spacecrafts, autonomous vehicles, new energies, dematerialization of resources, etc.

Our core business consists in supporting them for the usage of these solutions, their possible adaptation to specific contexts and needs, or even the development of completely tailor-made solutions.

Our success is also that of a great human adventure, that of passionate about technologies and a well done job. But we are also convinced of the importance of taking care of our teams.


We are used to working internationally with major accounts that are leaders in their field.

The relationship we establish with our clients and partners is generally long-term. It allows us to build together a unique technical solution, which they can use for many years and evolve freely according to their needs. 


Cédric Brun

Cédric Brun is the CEO at Obeo.

Software engineer, Cédric Brun got involved in open-source projects quite early through contributions to KDE or the Linux Kernel, and then in the Eclipse community as a leader of several projects and member of the Architecture Council.

He likes to share his findings through conferences and happened to co-author a number of articles and research papers.

Cédric Brun - CEO - Obeo
Etienne Juliot - Co-founder of Obeo

Etienne Juliot

Co-founder of Obeo, he is currently vice-president of sales.

With a Master's degree in software architecture from the University of Nantes, Étienne Juliot has more than years' experience in the field of software engineering and model-driven engineering (MDE).

Very involved in several Open Source communities such as Sirius and Capella, he lectures all over the world and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation's board of directors.

Stéphane Lacrampe

Co-founder of Obeo, Stéphane Lacrampe now heads the subsidiary of ObeoSoft Canada Inc. He is based in Vancouver, Canada and is responsible for the North and South American markets and the Asian market.

With an engineering background, Stéphane Lacrampe boasts more than years' professional experience.

In the past, he has been CTO of a London-based start-up.

Stéphane Lacrampe - Co-founder of Obeo
Mélanie Bats -CTO at Obeo

Mélanie Bats

Mélanie Bats works as CTO at Obeo.

In her daily work, she is mainly focused on managing the R&D team, creating products based on our own open-source technologies. She is used to work in the development of modeling tools with Sirius.

She is committer for the EEF and the Sirius projects. She is also involved in the Eclipse community as being the Eclipse Planning Council chair. 

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