Cloud for Capella

Capella and add-ons installed by Obeo
on a Cloud infrastructure

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With Cloud for Capella benefit from a pre-installed
Capella environment that is already integrated with useful add-ons.

Obeo deploys this environment for you on a
secured Cloud server accessible remotely (RDP)


Fast Time-to-Market

Quick start on a
ready-to-use environment

Already installed and configured for you, just start using Capella and proposed add-ons without tedious deployment and integration

No Desktop Deployment

Team and partners
all on the same version

The same version is deployed for both your internal and external authorized users. Upgrades to the latest versions are done on-demand

Simultaneous Collaboration

and constant backups

Your models and settings are automatically and regularly backed up. It allows you to restore previous versions in case of problems


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Three options to fit your needs

Select the Capella bundle to be deployed for you

Cloud for Capella - Classic


Perfect for engineers
just getting started with Capella

Classic Capella bundle as available on Capella’s project download page.

Cloud for Capella - Exxtended


For advanced Capella users
working in a small team

Classic Capella bundle tightly
integrated with selected add-ons:
  System to Subsystem Transition,
  Requirements Viewpoint,
  XHTML Document Generation,
  Property Values Management Tools

Cloud for Capella - Team


For engineers who need
effective team collaboration

Extended Capella bundle enriched with Team for Capella client, and a collaborative server for simultaneously working with your teammates.





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