Eclipse Plug-ins

Eclipse plug-ins development

What we can do for you

Adapting the Eclipse platform to your needs

Our expertise allows us to offer a wide range of solutions:

  • Development of specific plug-ins
  • Integration of multiple plug-ins into a ready-to-use Eclipse package
  • Customization of Eclipse environment to fit with your needs and your context
  • Setup of industrial-grade builds to industrialize the delivery of up-to-date packages
  • Migration of your environment to a more recent version of the Eclipse platform
  • And much more...!
Obeo is a Strategic Member of the Eclipse foundation

Our expertise

Eclipse Strategic Member since 2008

Adopted by more than 15 million users, the Eclipse platform is the reference for numerous usages: IT development tools, design workbenches, the Internet of Things, GPS, etc.

This success is due to the platform's openness, its powerful extensibility mechanisms and the richness of its ecosystem. With Eclipse, users benefit from better integrated solutions (plug-ins) sharing the same ergonomic principles.

As a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, Obeo brings you a broad range of expertise:

  • knowledge of the Eclipse ecosystem to select the technologies best suited to your needs
  • complete understanding of the platform's concepts and architecture
  • experience of the development process of Eclipse components



Obeo's added value

If customers request it, some plug-ins specifically developed for them can be contributed on an Open Source basis. In so doing, they sustain their investment for the long term and make it available to an ecosystem that contributes to its further development and maintenance. They also benefit from Obeo's experience in Open Source project management and the animation of this type of ecosystem.

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