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Obeo's employees share a common philosophy underpinned by excellence and a taste for innovation.

In particular, we are seeking people who can bring their creativity, communication, professionalism, and curiosity.

Once the technical foundations and mindset are in place, we offer all our new arrivals a tailored training program to enable them to master our technologies.

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Our technical staff works mainly in the Products and Projects teams which cooperate closely with one another. For example, it is common for a member of the Products team to punctually participate in a project for a client on an ad hoc basis, and vice versa. In both teams, our engineers share the same taste for a well-done software architecture, and quality code produced through a tool-based approach.

In the Products team, we develop technological components that can be used as is by our users.

These bricks can be open-source like Sirius or M2Doc, or commercial like Obeo SmartEA or Team for Capella. In open-source, we exchange with our users community, we make the code accessible to all (on our own GitHub repositories, or those of foundations like Eclipse) and the product can be downloaded freely. When the product is commercial, we still maintain open-source practices by favoring inter-operable formats and giving our customers the opportunity to contribute to the development of new features.

In both cases, the developments are carried out with the same amount of concerns, according to a process inspired by the Shape-Up method, and under the responsibility of a product leader who also coordinates the technical support provided to the users.

The main ambition of the Products team is to create software that will be used by clients around the world, and in very different business contexts.


In the Projects team, we respond to the specific needs of our clients, on topics that concern our fields of expertise and/or the implementation of our products.

We intervene through punctual expertise, projects in flat-rate, time-based or agile method projects, and even training courses. Most of our work is done remotely from our premises.

Each project is very different from one client to another, whether in terms of duration (from a few days to several years), team size (one to five people), or field of work (aerospace, automotive, health, finance, etc.). However, in every case, we implement methodological and technical approaches that we capitalize on from project to project and that are shared by the entire team: you will always find a colleague to learn something new from.

The main ambition of the Projects team members is to meet the specific needs of each client, by translating their engineering practices into a tailor-made modeling tool that takes into account their technical, functional, and operational conditions. All while reusing the technological bricks provided by the Products team as often as possible.

We could talk to you about the working atmosphere, the high technical level of your future colleagues, the importance of our technologies, the continuous growth of Obeo since its creation, or the company’s potential.

But perhaps the most important thing is how you will explore new horizons by taking part in the adventure of a software editing company with worldwide recognition. You will also participate in international conferences such as Devoxx, Web2Day or EclipseCon, either as an attendee or a speaker. As you have understood, Obeo is a company that strives to provide you with the necessary tools to create quality code and enhance your skills by working alongside experts.

Taking care of people isn’t simply empty words for Obeo as we truly value our employees' well-being. For example, you may participate in one of Obeo’s sports sessions with a coach, or even request an electric standing desk for added comfort.