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Bringing agility to your systems' life-cycle

Your challenges

Bringing agility to your systems' life-cycle

Business needs and technologies are evolving at an increasing pace and in a desynchronized manner.

This makes the development and maintenance of software applications extremely complex, both in the fields of Information Systems and Embedded Systems.

Providing the appropriate design and development tools thus remains a genuine challenge for many companies wishing to industrialize their developments, ensuring the code produced matches business needs and is consistent with architecture choices and development standards

Our vision: custom software factory

Our vision

The tools should adapt to the company, not vice-versa!

Every company has specific skills and development methodologies that tools must take into account:

  • modeling (analysis, design, mapping),
  • code generation,
  • collaboration between project members,
  • software component life cycle management.

Each of these tools can be customized and configured on the basis of your expertise and specific characteristics, before being assembled within an integrated platform such as Eclipse.

With this approach, symbolized by the DSL (Domain Specific Languages) approach, your tools allow you to highlight what sets you apart from your competitors.



Obeo's added-value

Obeo has already developed numerous ready-to-use modeling solutions that can be easily reused and adapted to your context (generators, data modelers, plug-ins, etc.). Thanks to these solutions and a team of experts, we offer you a pragmatic approach to help you increase your agility as well as your productivity.

Custom software factories

Our solution

Custom software factories

Thanks to a model-based and automatic code generation approach (Model-Driven Architecture), Obeo helps you:

  • Reduce project delivery times and maintenance costs
  • Better control the complexity of your specifications
  • Provide a framework for developments on the basis of your best practices
  • Improve the sustainability of your IT investments in the event of technical or functional change.

Based on our customers’ needs, each software factory developed by Obeo can integrate:

  • Customized data modelers based on DSLs adapted to your context or based on standards (UML, BPMN, etc.).
  • Generators to produce code according to your development standards.
  • Complementary plug-ins (productivity and collaboration tools based on agile methods, application life-cycle management, etc).


Case Studies

Read testimonials from our customers:

Agile specification and JavaEE industrialization

The goal of the ministry is to control its application assets from end to end and reduce ownership costs, in particular by favoring Open Source software.

Obeo supported the ministry in creating a collaborative modeling tools and JavaEE code generators deployed across the ministry.

UML adaptation and code generation

CEA DAM (French Atomic Energy Commission, Military Affairs Division) needed to ease the development and the upgradability of its simulation modules.

The approach adopted by Obeo involves describing the modules in UML independent of the execution technology and to generate automatically efficient code for massively parallel computers.

Configuration of space system systems middlewares

The CNES has defined a model-based approach to generate RTSJ source code, a Java version designed to support both hard and soft real-time application.

In order to easily configure space systems middlewares, Sirius has been used to complement a UML modeling workbench (based on Eclipse) with a DSL dedicated to the communication protocols.

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