Information System Designer

Visually Specify and Design
Your Information System Applications

Integrated software development workbench

Integrated Modeling Workbench

Information System Designer is an open source Eclipse-based environment to design and develop information system applications.

It brings integrated graphical editors to specify:

  • databases,
  • entities,
  • services,
  • usage scenarios,
  • GUI navigation flows.



GUI workflow

Industrialized application development

With a model-based development approach, Information System Designer allows you to industrialize your software development process and better manage the complexity of your IT projects:

  • high-level graphical views, rather than tedious out-of-date documents,
  • synchronized database schema and real structure,
  • visual language allowing you to speak with non-technical stakeholders,
  • code generators automatically implementing best-practices and avoiding repetitive error-prone tasks,
  • better productivity thanks to a single environment from design to development.
Information System Designer

User Story

Created for the French Department of Defense (Ministère des Armées), Information System Designer has been successfully used on several major projects.

On one single project (6,000 days/men, 600,000 SLOC) IS Designer automatically generated 80% of the source code.

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Following this success, Information System Designer integrated the French Government's Open Software Base (Socle Logiciels Libres) in 2019.


Information System Designer is on Github

Open Source

As an open source solution created with Eclipse Sirius, Information System Designer can easily be adapted or extended to meet your own requirements.

  • Generate to new languages or frameworks,
  • Add a new visual language,
  • Integrate with your own plug-ins,
  • Change the workflow to support your development process.

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Information System Designer supports collaborative work

Collaborative Work

Compliant with Obeo Designer Team, Information System Designer can be used to work concurrently with several users on the same models, without taking the risk to tediously share XMI files:

  • models storage in a shared database,
  • automatic locks of objects being modified,
  • automatic release of locks as soon as the modifications are saved,
  • instant models update allowing each user to securely work on an up-to-date version.

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