Custom Development

Custom developments - Adaptability


An intervention approach adapted to your projects

We oversee specific innovative developments on your behalf and make commitments regarding the end result: matching to need, quality, deadline.

We have the capacity to adapt our intervention approach to suit the nature of your projects and your operating constraints: fixed price, delegation mode or agile approach.

It may consist in developing a new technology to meet a strategic need or extending existing tools. We can work directly with your business experts or with a partner expert in your domain.

From specifications to the maintenance phases, via design, development, tests and industrial deployment, we provide all of our technical expertise alongside business experts.

Custom developments - Quality


A well-proven approach

Our development projects are underpinned by a quality approach that has been validated and consolidated by our experience:

1. Prevention: best practices to minimize the introduction of failures and tests (functional, unit, integration) to check for the absence of failures.

2. Corrections: principles and commitments to ensure delivery fully meet the requirements, within the deadlines set.

3. Documentation: a framework for producing and managing documents delivered to our customers (quality assurance plan, specifications, test plans, user guides, etc.).

4. Software configuration management (SCM): to track and control all the environments delivered to our customers.

Custom developments - Industrial scale-up

Industrial scale-up

A tooled approach

This quality approach is supported by a set of tools that allow us to meet commitments and take our projects through to industrial production:

  • Jenkins is a continuous integration automated software development tool used to construct our software deliverables.
    Continuous integration is a good practice systematically implemented at Obeo in order to detect construction defects and regressions as soon as possible.
  • JIRA is the tool used by Obeo to track issues identified by our customers (defects detected, enhancement requests, etc.).
  • Git is the version control system used to track source code changes, the various development and maintenance branches, etc.

This list is not exhaustive. For example, we can use tools already deployed on your projects.



Obeo's added value

We benefit from our expertise and experience in the management of Open Source projects to use the same reliable and agile development processes on our customers' projects.

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