Cédric Brun

Cédric Brun is the CEO at Obeo.

Software engineer, Cédric Brun got involved in open-source projects quite early through contributions to KDE or the Linux Kernel, and then in the Eclipse community as leader of several projects and member of the Architecture Council.

He likes to share his findings through conferences and happened to co-author a number of articles and research papers.


Co-founder of Obeo, he is currently vice-president of sales.

With a Master's degree in software architecture from the University of Nantes, Étienne Juliot has more than 12 years' experience in the field of software engineering and MDE.

Very involved in several Open Source communities such as Eclipse and PolarSys, he lectures all over the world and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation's board of directors.

Co-founder of Obeo, he is responsible for the North American subsidiary in Vancouver, Canada.

With an engineering background, Stéphane Lacrampe boasts more than 15 years' professional experience.

In the past, he has been CTO of a London-based start-up.