Technological Culture

Tech culture is in Obeo's DNA: 90% of our staff know how to code, including within the management team! Working at Obeo means immersing yourself in a company where code expertise permeates our daily lives. That's why we ensure our developers are in the best conditions to code on tools and technologies that they are passionate about, in a healthy and conducive environment for creativity.


Tech Manager

Having a manager who knows the field in which you work is a real asset. Indeed/Basically, they can/will guide you when you arrive and answer any questions you may have, as much as they will understand and help you with issues you’ll come up against during your work. 

Choose your equipment

If you are a developer at Obeo, you can choose your computer model and operating system, and in addition, you are also the administrator of your workstation.


Code quality

At Obeo, we like to surround ourselves with passionate people who love doing good work, especially since everything is visible in Open Source. We truly value a well-developed code, so it can perfectly represent Obeo and its committers' skills.


At Obeo, you have the opportunity to work with prestigious and innovative clients and partners from around the world. You may also share your expertise by participating in international conferences, such as EclipseCon.


You can evaluate our technologies !


Eclipse Capella™ is an MBSE tool to design the hardware et software architectures of complex systems.


Eclipse Sirius™ facilitates the development of your own graphical modeling environment.

Obeo SmartEA

Obeo SmartEA® is a graphical and collaborative solution to map an enterprise and its IT. 

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