Onboarding Journey

When you’re hired at Obeo, we won’t just let you down!
It’s the whole opposite, we will guide you through for your first couple of days in the company.


Mentoring at Obeo

Providing a mentor

You will be accompanied by a mentor who knows the company and the field, he will be present to answer all your potential questions.
Don’t be afraid to ask them!

Obeo services

Presenting the services

Every service manager will take the time to explain his activity to you, so you can feel more comfortable with the Obeo way of functioning and all its missions.

Training on Obeo's technologies

Training on our technologies

If you need a training course to carry out your tasks don’t worry, we hire you for your qualities, including adaptability. Even if you don’t have the required knowledge, it can be acquired.

Guiding and assisting

Guiding and assisting 

We make sure that every day of your first week, you’re not alone at lunchtime. Your colleagues will be here to eat with you, chat over a coffee break, or even play games in the break room.


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