Firstly, excellence at Obeo is embodied by the talented men and women who work for the company.

Our high profile, our contributions to Open Source, and our presence in leading graduate schools and universities gives us the edge when it comes to attracting talented candidates. They are driven by what they do and passionate about modeling technologies.

But for us, excellence is also about customer satisfaction.

The people who work for us make a point of ensuring their talent is a source of added value. We are absolutely convinced that while our customers choose us for our unique expertise, their long-term trust depends on results that fully match their expectations.

Innovation is Obeo's raison d'être: we invest more than 30% of our turnover in R&D.

These investments set us apart, placing us at the cutting edge of our field. 

We work closely with numerous research laboratories and major industrial players, via collaborative projects.

Our employees devote a significant proportion of their time to the development of innovative technologies. They are afforded considerable autonomy within a stimulating environment to enable them to provide products and solutions adapted to our customers' specific needs.

Openness is in Obeo's genes.

Technological openness first of all: we are resolutely committed to Open Source software. This choice allows our customers to build adaptable solutions in which they do not find themselves imprisoned: they can adjust them to their technical context or business and further develop them over the long term, with an ecosystem of stimulating partners.

But we are also fervent promoters of Open Innovation. We construct lasting relations with our customers, underpinned by transparency. We seek to come up with solutions that allow everyone to evolve together.