Obeo Studio

Advanced Features added to Sirius Web

The Obeo Cloud Platform's product that extends Sirius Web
with additional collaborative and access control features

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Users Management

Control who can connect

With Obeo Studio, only users authorized by the administrator can access the hosted projects and their contained models.

Once connected, any user is able to create a project and share it with other users.

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Public/Private Projects

Control who can access your projects

By default, a project created by a user is only visible to him (private).

To share a project with other users, its owner can make it public and/or define access rights.

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Define role-based access control 

Permissions on a project (read, write, admin) are defined by creating teams.

It allows the administrators of a project to manage users depending of roles shared by a set of other users (rather than defining the permissions at the individuals' level).

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Indicators of Active Users

View in real-time who is working on a diagram

Visual indicators show you in real-time the other users who are currently working on the same diagram as you.

Indicators also show you who is on the objects that you are editing and which properties are currently changing.

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LDAP Authentication

Rely on your internal access directory

To control users' login and password, you can connect to your internal access directory managed with LDAP.

It guarantees secured management of how users can connect to OCP Modeler.


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Powered by Sirius Web

Eclipse Sirius is an open-source technology that dramatically reduces the time and effort for creating domain-specific modeling workbenches.

With Obeo Studio modeling tools are defined with Sirius Web, the web-based flavor of Sirius, deployed to the Cloud, and then rendered in a web browser.

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