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Custom tools to analyze and transform your software

The applications and programs that lie at the heart of the systems of major organizations are the result of several years - or even decades - of continuous investment.

When the sustainability of a software system is threatened (obsolescence of the editor or programming language used, increasing maintenance and upgrade costs, skills shortages, etc.), its survival or replacement requires the use of specific tools:

  • Automated migration ;
  • Redesign ;
  • Reverse specification ;
  • Quality analysis ;
  • Migration checklist ;
  • Mapping ;
  • Refactoring ;
  • etc.

To help you address these needs, Obeo implements the customized tools you require to effectively analyze and transform your software assets.

These tools take into account the specific characteristics of your existing and target technology. They can enable you to take your modernization projects through to the industrial scale-up stage.


Obeo's added value

To develop these tools, we use Obeo Agility, a technology that already takes into account the majority of the sector's development languages (VB6, Powerbuilder, Java, C++, Ada, etc.). The considerable flexibility of Obeo Agility allows us to adapt transformation rules using an iterative approach, thereby optimizing your return on investment.

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