Arcadia and Capella Training

Online inter-company sessions, designed and run by Thales

The Arcadia & Capella MBSE training sessions provide your engineers all the means to start developing their own models.

This training is designed and run by Thales, and leverages 10+ years of experience in worldwide MBSE deployment.

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The training covers the Arcadia method and the Capella tool, introduces Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), and implements the method and the tool on a simple case-study. It covers each one of the system definition activities (operational analysis, functional and non-functional system analysis, logical architecture, physical architecture, EPBS, etc.). Throughout the training, the good practices and benefits of Arcadia and Capella are illustrated on the basis of feedback from concrete and multiple operational experiences.

At the end of the Capella training, participants are able to:

  • Acknowledge the principles, key points, and expected benefits of the MBSE approach;
  • Describe the steps (perspectives) and the activities of the Arcadia method;
  • Implement Capella functionalities on a simple case;
  • Navigate through the different types of support on Arcadia and Capella, whether free (Capella website, forum, Youtube channel...) or not (professional services like coaching, online support...).



The content of this Capella training is as follows:

  • Presentation of the MBSE approach and the Arcadia method;
  • General presentation of Capella;
  • Initialization of a case-study project on Capella;
  • Implementation of Capella to analyze and model system architectures at different levels:
    • Operational Analysis,
    • System analysis,
    • Logical architecture,
    • Physical architecture
    • EPBS;
  • Presentation of the different types of support on Arcadia and Capella.



This Capella training is run by one of the Thales MBSE experts (Obeo is acting as the organizer of the training). 

The instructor will adapt the messages and level of information provided to the trainees' experience.


Dates and organization

This Capella training is provided in English and online, using Webex.

There are 6 sessions of 3.5 hours duration each, running on 6 business days.


No sessions are currently scheduled.

If you would like to benefit from this training program, please contact us. We will schedule a session with you, depending on your needs and the availability of our trainers.



1 790 euros per participant

Please contact us for more price options.

We accept a maximum of 4 registrations for a given organization. For intra-company sessions, you can directly contact Thales.


Places are limited!
They will be allocated on a first come first served basis