Obeo is an independent software provider founded in 2005, and established in France and Canada. We develop open-source technologies that make it possible to create visual and collaborative modeling solutions. With these, our customers elaborate tomorrow's products, services and organizations: spacecrafts, autonomous vehicles, new energies, dematerialization of resources, etc.

Our core business consists in supporting them for the usage of these solutions, their possible adaptation to specific contexts and needs, or even the development of completely tailor-made solutions.

Our success is also that of a great human adventure, that of passionate about technologies and a well done job. But we are also convinced of the importance of taking care of our teams. Some examples among others? Facilitated access to kindergartens, sports sessions with a coach, electric height-adjustable standing desks, or also self-service fruits.


We are used to working internationally with major accounts that are leaders in their field.

The relationship we establish with our clients and partners is generally long-term. It allows us to build together a unique technical solution, which they can use for many years and evolve freely according to their needs. 

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Open Source software gives users the freedom to use it, redistribute it, consult and modify its source code.

It offers many benefits to enterprises

  • Reduced licensing costs ;
  • Independence vis-à-vis the supplier ;
  • Excellence and community ;
  • Sustainability ;
  • Modification of the source code to better suit needs.

The best examples are Linux, the OpenOffice/LibreOffice suite, the Android system and the Eclipse development platform.

... Our DNA

Since its creation in 2005, Obeo has become one of the leading players in the open source software sector.

With half of its workforce dedicated to globally-recognized technologies such as Acceleo and Sirius, Obeo is one of the main French contributors to Open Source.

Obeo's employees also participate in numerous international conferences such as EclipseCon, Open World Forum, Solutions Linux, etc.

A virtuous circle!

Why don't you share some of your work based on Open Source too?

By publishing your results (feedback, extensions, corrections, etc.), you contribute to the development of the Open Source components you use, thereby protecting your investments in these technologies for the long term.

At Obeo, we are convinced that this clear example of a virtuous circle generates benefits for all members of an Open Source ecosystem.



Open Source communities

Read more about our commitment to Open Source communities


Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation is made up of more than 200 companies. It supports a community that develops Open Source software assembled in a platform currently used by more than 15 million users.

The Open Group

The Open Group is an international standardization body (TOGAF, Archimate) made up of more than 400 members.

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