Anzen Aerospace Engineering

MBSE Partner



Anzen services include:

  • Gap analysis: revision of specific company needs attending to their industrial context and internal engineering processes with the aim of identifying the model based framework and required extensions to fit within the overall digital strategy of the programme.
  • Implementation: support to setting up the model-based framework adapted to the client organization, in close collaboration between Anzen (for the functional / engineering perspective) and Obeo (software products).
  • Support to systems engineering tasks: support to modelling complex systems and implementation of model- based and digitally assisted workflows using Obeo tools. Support to model-based enhancements: identifying solutions to specific needs and collaborating with Obeo to develop when needed and implement tailored frameworks based on Obeo products and addons.
  • Support to model based safety and dependability analysis, preparing the framework, offering training and ramp-up workshops to present the methodology and the tool and assisting along the system development phases when needed.

Anzen operates worldwide with a focus on Spain, Switzerland, USA and UAE.

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Capella-related products

Anzen provides ATICA4Capella, a model based safety analysis (MBSA) plugin that extends Capella functionalities and allows to perform safety and reliability analysis directly from the system models.

Anzen supports the compatibility between ATICA4Capella and Obeo's collaborative add-ons such as Team for Capella.

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