LOTUS Technologies

MBSE Partner

LOTUS Technologies, Inc. (LOTUS) is an engineering software & service provider that specializes in MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering), PIDO (Process Integration and Design Optimization), and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software and solution.

LOTUS offers system integration and engineering consulting services in these domains to customers from various industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Heavy Industries, and Consumer Electronics, etc., within the territory of South Korea.


LOTUS offers engineering consulting service in:

  • MBSE: offers engineering consulting services and software solution in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) adapting to client’s industrial context needs and organizational legacy practices, with the aim of identifying and setting up the MBSE framework within the client’s organization and teams, based on close collaboration with OBEO’s expertise in MBSE and software development, and its open source MBSE modeling solution - Capella.

  • PIDO: offers PIDO (Process Integration and Design Optimization) expertise and related consulting & system integration services, with the aim of setting up the model-based engineering and process/data management framework adapted to the client’s needs and practices, based on industrial knowledge experiences and proprietary software solution targeted for an engineering process automation, integration and design optimization.

  • CAE: offers engineering consulting services and software solution in general CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) domains targeted for an Engineering Design Optimization. Provides technical supports to modelling complex systems and implementation of best practices in simulation-based analysis and designs, using various engineering workflows of different software solutions.

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Capella-related products

LOTUS provides Capella Add-on Products: Team for Capella (to work simultaneously with team members on the same model from a shared server) Publication for Capella (integration between Capella and OSLC-compliant third-party repositories) and Cloud for Capella (pre-configured, secure and ready-to-use Cloud environment for Capella) and related support, training, consulting services, with partnership of OBEO, to customers in the territory of South Korea.

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