Early Adopters Program

Through our Early Adopters Program (EAP), you can gain early and exclusive access to some of our products currently in development.
By joining this program, you can assess the suitability of this product for your needs and also have an impact on its roadmap.
Participant Selection

Participant Selection

The program is reserved for a limited number of organizations selected based on their level of expertise in the relevant domain and the presence of a concrete use case project.


Free Licenses

As part of the program, we provide you with temporary licenses for the product, free of charge, for a duration that is tailored to your needs.




In exchange for the free product access, you commit to providing us with feedback on your product usage, including features, user experience, and suitability for your requirements.



Our teams can assist you with product onboarding.
They can also, as part of a service offering, prototype the product's integration into your specific context.