Eclipse Projects

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Obeo leads a number of Eclipse projects dedicated to modeling:

  • Sirius: create customized modeling workbenches
  • POOSL: evaluate complex system's architecture
  • Acceleo: create customized code generators
  • EMF Compare: compare and merge EMF models
  • EEF: create frameworks to edit EMF models
  • Ecore Tools: graphically define Ecore models (metamodels)
  • Amalgam: discover and easily install Eclipse Modeling components


Eclipse modeling logo

Based on these technologies, Obeo develops other open-source projects:

  • M2Doc: generate MS WordTM documents from your models by creating WYSIWYG templates,
  • IS Designer: design and develop information systems with an Open-Source and Eclipse-based Software Engineering workbench.


Eclipse workbench screenshot

Obeo also leads or contributes to other Eclipse projects:

  • EGit: integration in Eclipse of the GIT source manager
  • Capella: Systems Engineering workbench 


Obeo's added value

You can call upon Obeo to enhance these technologies on the basis of your needs.

As a provider of these technologies, Obeo gives you the option to subcontract enhancements directly within the heart of the platform.

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