System Modeling Workbench

An integrated MBSE approach to improving
multi-domain product development

System Modeling Workbench (SMW) provides a first-of-its-kind integrated systems engineering environment.

Integrated with Siemens Teamcenter, companies can use SMW to apply
standard model-based systems engineering (MBSE) concepts to the entire product development process.


Multi-Domain System Modeling

SMW avoids disconnected domain design decision problems by creating an integrated multi-domain product architecture that creates the cross-domain digital thread that allows developers to understand the impact of their decisions earlier.

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Product Architecture Modeling

Based on a field-proven and open methodological guidance (Arcadia) and tool (Capella), System Modeling Workbench provides a closed-loop model integration between ​architecture and downstream engineering​

  • understand the customer need with a functional digital mockup,
  • define the solution while keeping the big picture,
  • share one single system specification for all engineers across domains,​
  • early evaluation and justify architectural choices​,
  • identify interfaces to master V&V & prevent integration issues​,
  • enable you to plan, coordinate, and track engineering deliveries​.

Start Integrated, Stay Integrated

Integrated with Teamcenter, System Modeling Workbench systems modeling capabilities enable you to capture your product architecture data with the product lifecycle.

This allows the various domains across your product lifecycle (software, electronics, mechanics, etc.) to start integrated, and stay integrated.


Whole Product Understanding

With System Modeling Workbench, customers can create and capture an integrated, multi-domain digital twin (a consistent virtual representation of their physical product).

It enables development teams to quickly describe complex products from a systems-oriented perspective – as well as to break down these high-level product hierarchies into fine-grain design elements

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A solution by Obeo and Siemens Digital Industries Software

System Modeling Workbench is a joint development of Obeo and Siemens Digital Industries Software.