SysML Bridge for Capella automatically transforms Capella models in SysML (and vice versa) according to rules that can be adapted to your context.

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Live collaboration


Keep working with Capella while providing/receiving SysML models to/from your partners, customers or suppliers who are working with a SysML tool.

Time saving


Initialize your Capella project by automatically importing an existing SysML model, rather than translating and re-entering the model manually.

Standard Data Access


Connect Capella with SysML-compliant engineering tools to set up a digital thread based on an MBSE downstream engineering approach.

Transformation rules

The transformation rules implemented by SysML Bridge for Capella are inspired by the equivalences explained on Capella website.


Using native SysML concepts as much as possible, the rules are bi-directional.

It means that SysML files exported in an XMI standard format from Capella can be re-imported into Capella.

Capella SysML
Architecture Package
Capability Use-Case
Interface Interface
Component Block
Component Exchange Connector + Information Flow
Function Block or Activity (configurable)
Functional Exchange Connector + Information Flow
Part Property
Physical Link Connector + Information Flow
Input/Output Pin Activity Parameter Node + Parameter
Requirement Requirement
Custom Property Value Tagged Value


Try the rules with your models


Supported tools





Contact us (natively uses Eclipse UML format)

Sparx EA

Contact us (needs a pre-conversion of XMI format to target Eclipse UML serialization dialect)

Other tools

Any tool that supports SysML v1.4
with the Eclipse UML XMI serialization

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