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The Eclipse Foundation is made up of more than 200 companies. It supports a community that develops Open Source software assembled in a platform currently used by more than 15 million users.


The openness of the Eclipse platform and its powerful extensibility mechanisms have made it the reference for numerous usages: IT development tools, design workbenches, the Internet of Things, GPS, etc. With Eclipse, users benefit from better integrated solutions sharing the same ergonomic principles.

Globally, the Eclipse Foundation coordinates around two hundred companies and several thousand contributors. The objective of this not-for-profit foundation is to support and reinforce an independent, open and transparent community to develop a sustainable ecosystem.

Obeo and the Eclipse Foundation

A strategic position

Obeo has been one of the ten strategic members of the Eclipse Foundation since 2008, alongside players such as Google, Oracle, SAP and IBM. Obeo's leading position is the result of its unwavering contribution to numerous foundation projects (Obeo is ranked as the 5th contributing company globally). The company boasts around twenty committers (who have the right to modify the platform code) and several project leaders (projects such as Sirius, Acceleo, EMF Compare, ATL, EEF, Mylyn Intent). The quality of Obeo's developments can thus be controlled publicly and we are proud of the positive feedback received from users regarding the finish of our products.

In order to be able to influence the foundation's strategy, Obeo is represented within its main decision-making bodies:

  • The foundation's Board of Directors
  • The Architecture Board: definition of the development process and architecture principles governing the platform's projects
  • Planning Council: delivery schedule coordination


Expertise that benefits our customers

The contribution of Obeo's employees within Eclipse is testimony to the fact that the company's expertise is keeping pace with the very latest developments and trends. Who better than the creator of a specific technology to bring you the solution that best suits your needs? It is for this reason that Obeo is always keen to involve its Open Source software developers in your internal projects, to allow you to benefit from their skill and advice.

Do you want to apply best practices to enhance the sustainability of your investments? Obeo uses the same practices for your projects as those that have proved their credentials in Open Source projects: code review, modularization, definition of stable APIs, pragmatic agile method, automated functional tests, updated documentation, build automation, etc.

Obeo offers you the possibility to subcontract enhancements directly at the heart of the Eclipse Foundation's projects.

Their Open Source contribution brings you numerous benefits

  • Development that is often simpler and cheaper, since it takes place directly within the existing project;
  • Better stability, since enhancements reflect the project life cycle;
  • The re-use of the Eclipse Foundation's infrastructure and processes;
  • Maintenance costs shared with the community;
  • Possibility of benefiting from enhancements financed by other contributors;


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