M2Doc for Capella Training

The M2Doc for Capella training sessions provide your engineers all the means to start developing their own document generators for Capella.

This training is run by Obeo, and leverages the expertise of the M2Doc development team.



The training covers the M2Doc tool and its usage in an MBSE context with the Capella modeling tool. 

At the end of this training, participants are able to:

  • Understand the principles of document generation;
  • Query a Capella model in order to automatically retrieve structured data;
  • Implement M2Doc templates in order to generate MS Word documents;



The content of this Capella training is as follows:

  • M2Doc and EMF overview
  • Navigation with AQL query language
  • Writing M2Doc templates for Capella tool
  • Implementing services for advanced templates



This M2Doc for Capella training is run by one of the M2Doc development team members. 

The instructor will adapt the messages and level of information provided to the trainees' experience.



This training is provided in English and online, using Zoom.

There are 5 sessions of 3.5 hours duration each.



Next session will be from 3rd to 7th of June 2024.



1 500 Euros per participant (8 max)

Please contact us for more price options