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Capturing and integrating real needs

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Capturing and integrating real needs

Providing a solution to a business' needs requires a thorough understanding of the business field in question. Generally speaking, the field experts are the ones that can best define these needs.

In order to implement these needs, it is often better if they are understood and reinterpreted by a technical team that is unfamiliar with the field.

The intervention of an intermediary team often delays the bringing to market of the business solution and increases the risk of genuine needs being poorly understood.

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Our vision

Directly equip the experts in the field

The best solution for capturing needs at source consists in allowing business departments themselves to describe their needs, visually and using the specific vocabulary of their field.

This is possible with a business modeling tool, customized for the concerned field.

The specifications, which can still be understood by the business experts, are not simple drawings (entered in tools such as Powerpoint or Visio) but models containing data. They can thus be validated automatically and used to produce structured documentation.

Above all, to speed up the time-to-market of your products, this model can also be used to automatically configure an application or solve formulas.


Obeo's added-value

Obeo is the reference provider of technologies for the design of business workbenches. Having deployed our expertise in a broad range of customer contexts, we are uniquely placed to share our experience with you to serve your specific requirements.

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Our solution

Tailored modeling solutions for business experts

Obeo supports you in the design and delivery of your own business modeling workbenches.

  • The design of a language specific to your business domain (Domain Specific Language),
  • The creation of intuitive and ergonomic graphic modeling solutions,
  • The development of documentation generators,
  • Integration with the Information System

The resulting workbenches can operate in collaborative mode, allowing several people to work on the same specifications.


Case Studies

Read testimonials from our customers:

Modeling P&C insurance products

The MAIF (a French insurance company) needed a tool providing a structured, centralized and unified vision of P&C (property and casualty) products (e.g. fire or accident) for its insurance business experts.

Obeo has developed a graphical modeling workbench allowing users to directly configure insurance products (server, intranet and new web applications).

Validation of business flows

In the context of social charge returns filed by companies, CNAV has had an incoming flow validator designed (2 millions i.e. several To).

Obeo provided a solution allowing to the business players to describe their checks directly in a federated repository and avoiding lengthy and expensive computer developments.

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