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Team for Capella 6.0.0 (2022-09-14)

Compatibility: Capella 6.0.0


What's new

The Team for Capella 6.0.0 major release brings several major changes (compared to Team for Capella 5.2.0):

  • Compatibility with Capella 6.0.0
  • UX enhancements
    • A new dialog has been added to ease the selection of images when setting a style to workspace image to a node.
      • The display of this dialog allows to access the images of the repository in "Gallery" mode to have a preview of the available images.
      • The dialog also provides features to modify, delete or add new images to the repository.
    • Images on server can also be managed via the Manage Images from Remote Server pop-up menu on the "*.aird" file or on the shared project.
    • A dialog that displays the result of the import/export process has been added at the end of the import/export wizards.
    • A new override strategy is available in export wizard: the ''Merge'' strategy allows to use Diff/Merge to compare local project and existing remote project in order to commit only computed deltas, keep model elements identity and commit history.
    • Wizard and technical commits done outside the Save action now have a dedicated commit description allowing to identify them in the Commit History view.
    • Several actions and views provided by underlying components but not related to Team for Capella user experience have been hidden thanks to dedicated capabilities  which are disabled by default.
    • Team for Capella wizards projects creation/import/export have been renamed:
      • ''New > Connect to remote model'' wizard has been replaced by ''New > Capella Connected Project''
      • ''Export... / Team for Capella / Export model to remote repository'' wizard has been replaced by ''Export... / Team for Capella / Capella Project to Remote Repository''
      • ''Import... / Team for Capella / Import model from remote repository'' wizard has been replaced by ''Import... / Team for Capella / Capella Project from Remote Repository''
    • WS and WSS connection types are now available alongside TCP and SSL in Repository configuration page and wizard pages.
    • Performance improvements for the Semantic Browser view.
  • Packaging, installation and deployment
    • The Team for Capella client-side administration features are no longer installed by default. A dedicated installation script is provided in 'tools/' folder. Then the corresponding capabilities need to be enabled.
    • The web socket and web socket secured protocols (ws:// and wss://) are no longer flagged as experimental.
    • The Linux bundle is no longer flagged as experimental for both Team For Capella client features and server.
    • Scheduler
      • Jenkins jobs have been updated to use applications with the admin server configuration.
      • The targeted Jenkins version has been updated from LTS version 2.303.3 to LTS version 2.332.3.
        • This brings several important security fixes and also notable changes as documented in the LTS release notes.
  • Server changes
    • The REST Admin Server feature is no longer flagged as experimental.
      • It is now installed and enabled by default.
      • It is automatically started when starting the Team for Capella Server. See Server administration and Server administration pages in embedded documentation.
    • In replacement to the console application, that was used to call service on the server via Telnet, the HTTP Requester application has been added to call service on the server using the jetty admin server.
    • Some parameters of importer, exporter, maintenance applications have been updated. Some have been renamed and some added such as httpXXX parameters used to request the jetty admin server.
    • The Team for Capella server product does not contain ''UI'' plugins from Sirius, Capella, CDO nor Eclipse platform anymore.
      • When launched without the server-side client tools (Importer, Exporter, Maintenance), it can now be launched without a X Server.
  • Tools
    • Importer
      • -archiveCdoExportResult argument has been added in order to zip (or not) the XML file resulting from the the cdo export command launched by the importer in intermediate step.
        • When the XML file is zipped, the zip is created into the "output folder" (see arguments of the T4C importer) and the original XML file is then deleted. The default value is true.
      • -stopRepositoryOnFailure argument has been added in order to stop the repository when import/export is on failure.
        • This parameter can not not be set to true if -closeServerOnFailure argument is already set to true.
      • Several constants, and arguments have been extracted or renamed in order to share arguments between importer and Exporter application. 
        • For example, -importerLogin, -importerPassword and -importerCredentials have been renamed into -repositoryLogin, -repositoryPassword and -repositoryCredentials.
    • Exporter
      • Addition of the '''Exporter''' application. This application allows to trigger the export of local given projects with representation on CDO repository.
      • More informations about this application can be found on Exporter strategy documentation.
    • Until 6.0, Telnet was used to send OSGI commands from tools applications (importer, maintenance, console) to the server application. In 6.0, Telnet commands are now deprecated' and have been replaced by calls to the REST Admin API.

More details can be found in the documentation.


Important note

Windows 10 users: Windows 10 Defender significantly slows down Eclipse, reason being Windows 10 Defender scanning the JAR files. The problem has been reported to Microsoft here. Until then, a workaround to this problem is to add Eclipse root directory to Windows 10 Defender's exclusion list, detailed steps are shared here.

Note: This issue is not specific to Eclipse.


Fixed Issues

This version also introduces several fixes:

  • Better handle exceptions in Sirius session details report and avoid server stop in case of exceptions during import.
  • Correctly handle and encode/decode remote object paths for comparison with Diff/Merge.
  • Detect representation descriptor with invalid repPath as invalid. 
  • Import wizard: create project in the correct location.
  • Handle -includeCommitHistoryChanges when the Snapshot import strategy is used.
  • Make Restore job fail when its command step has failed.
  • ...