Team for Capella - Releases

Team for Capella 5.0.0 (2021-01-05)

Compatibility: Capella 5.0.0


What's new

The Team for Capella 5.0.0 major release brings several major changes (compared to Team for Capella 1.4.2):

  • Compatibility with Capella 5.0.0
  • UX enhancements
    • It is now possible to register several Team for Capella repositories in the Team for Capella client.
    • The wizard pages which allows to choose the location of created/moved representations have been improved for a better management and understanding.
    • A new Invalid representations is now displayed in the Project Explorer to easily retrieve invalid representations of a shared project.
    • The Commit History view now allows to filter the displayed impacted elements.
  • Packaging, installation and deployment enhancements
    • The packaging has been reworked to ease installation:
      • installation scripts and tools have been moved to a tools folder,
      • plugin customization file is created during installation with default values,
    • The server, license server and tools use the JVM provided by the Capella 5.0.0 bundle (OpenJDK 14.0.2).
    • The Scheduler uses its own JVM as runtime (Jenkins is not yet compatible with Java 14, an AdoptOpenJDK 8u265 is embedded in the Scheduler.
    • The logs of the server, license server and tools used from the Scheduler jobs are now directly visible in the Scheduler console view.

More details can be found in the integrated documentation.


Important note

Windows 10 users: Windows 10 Defender significantly slows down Eclipse, reason being Windows 10 Defender scanning the JAR files. The problem has been reported to Microsoft here. Until then, a workaround to this problem is to add Eclipse root directory to Windows 10 Defender's exclusion list, detailed steps are shared here.

Note: This issue is not specific to Eclipse.


Fixed Issues

This version also introduces several fixes:

  • The Copy Layout/Format actions can now be used on locked diagrams.
  • The contextual Move is no more hidden when a diagram is opened.
  • Several memory leaks have been corrected in the export wizards.
  • A few other minor fixes around collaborative features or the compatibility between Capella features and the collaborative add-on.